“Dear Clients,”

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Josh Rainville, Hairstylist @fabhairbyjosh

Dear Clients,

In a world of rainbows and unicorns, people often talk about creative color being something that doesn’t last long at all and something that fades out weird. That is actually a huge misconception, and as long as you take care of your hair properly your rainbow locks will last beautifully! The most important thing to know when entering the world of colorful hair is how to properly care for it. 

If you want your hair to stay vibrant you’ll need to wash no more than two to three times a week with cool water (use dry shampoo in between if you feel your hair gets greasy quick) also keep heat styling to a minimum and KEEP THE HEAT TURNED DOWN!

There’s no reason to style your hair with the same temperature you bake with! And lastly, remember to embrace the fade! Colors like these aren’t permanent and will fade over time. The fade is usually people’s favorite part, so enjoy the journey!



Leysa Carillio, Curl Expert @leysahairandmakeup

Dear Clients,

Please if you have NATURAL TEXTURE this message is for you!!

Going natural had a huge impact on our lives. It is ✨ just hair✨ but especially as a female, we emphasis on the way you look, there was almost a sense of not being good enough as you are. Add to that a lot of feeling and emotion developed around your hair at such a young age.

All you have to do is make the choice to let go of everything you’re so attached to that’s not serving you and manifest the reality that you don’t necessary needs wigs, hair extensions and more to be Your best self!!

BUT why is hair texture different ?

I've lost count of the number of people who have said to me in the salon that their hair is 'too big' or the number of people I have met who try to change their curl pattern. Textured hair, particularly kinky and coily types, is extremely versatile.

One of the solutions to change this difficult myth, is in overcoming any fear of being able to confidently manage TEXTURE hair. With the right tools and knowledge!! .

It's so important to take the time to see a specialist. The integrity of your hair is priority. Many steps, lots of time and expense takes to get it right! Guests, beware of those who say they can do it cheaper and faster... it's usually the integrity of your hair that will pay the price at the END!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Love, Leysa


Whitney Burkhart, Updo Educator @wb_upstyles

Dear Clients,

Hair types can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we leave our consultation disappointed because we started with unrealistic expectations.

One thing that I’ve noticed that’s been a struggle when meeting a new color client, they have this expectation of leaving with a completely different look. In some cases it can happen easier than others. What they don’t know is that I have to take in consideration of time, how much they are willing to spend, what previous color has been on their hair and their hair’s integrity.

If I could help you at all when making a big change to your hair, schedule a consultation first that way everyone is on the same page!




Andrea Lagas, Airbrush Tanning Artist @hushtanning

Dear Clients,

Have you ever had an airbrush tan?

I want to let you in on a little secret, the best tan is a team effort between you and I! Your job is just as important as mine 👯‍♂️Prepping for your tan, and proper after care is going to ensure you look 🔥 for the entire life of your tan!

🧖🏽‍♀️There is a black hole of tanning do’s and don’ts 🕳 if you have had 100 tans or you’re getting ready for your first tan, you’ll want to read this💛

I find that often times people who have tanned for years believe they are prepping correctly, and in fact, they are doing it all wrong!

One of the most important things to remember is hydration💧a faux tan will thrive on hydrated skin! Ideally you’ll be drinking water and applying a water based lotion the week + before your appointment, skip lotion the day of your appointment, then start back up after your first rinse🧴

Ok you guys, buckle up, because this next tip is going to shake you to your core🤭 do not, I repeat do not shower right before your appointment!! This is one of the biggest pre tan misconceptions 🙀 it is best to shower, shave( or any hair removal) and exfoliate 24 hours before your tanning appointment🕒 it’s important to let your skin restore its natural oils, allow your hair follicles to close.

When you’re exfoliating try using a sulfate & paraben free soap 🧼 with exfoliating gloves! The goal is to get the top layer of dead skin off, so a loofah isn’t right for this job!

When you’re ready for your next glow, try following this plan! You’ll see a difference in the life of your tan ♥️

xo, Andrea

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Jade Tang, Nail Artist @jadetangtheartist

Dear clients,

My name is Jade Tang @jadetangtheartist, Co-Owner & Master Nail Artist at Black File Nails @blackfilenails. At my salon, I believe our clients deserve top-notch customer care, quality products, and exceptional services.  I personally love and appreciate feedback from you, whether it’s a compliment or a complaint. Aside from that, I always give my clients advice and reminders after each nail service on proper care of your nails at home.

I know everyone lives different and busy lifestyles; therefore, you may frequently forget my advice on how to maintain your nails properly. I hope this letter will serve as a simple guide to help remind you. Perhaps, print it out and hang it on the fridge or bathroom door where you can see and read it every day.

Since most of my clients get acrylic nail enhancement, I will be focusing mainly on that. However, the same guidelines can be applied across the board for other nail services as well. Often times, I hear, “acrylics ruin my nails,” the truth is, “acrylics do not ruin your nails; poorly trained nail techs and using your nails as tools, do.”

First of all, I cannot guarantee the durability of your set of nail enhancements. Based on each of our different lifestyles, that is beyond my control. For example, using your acrylic nails to open a can of soda or to tear away the sealed tape on a box over time will cause the acrylic parts to lift away from your natural nails. Learn to improvise your daily tasks, whether you have short or long extensions; this will prolong your set of nails.

Secondly, another advice I strongly recommend is for maintenance refill every 2-3 weeks to extend the longevity of the enhancement. The longer the period in between regular maintenance, the quicker the acrylic enhancement will break down. A removal and new set are also recommended after every 3 months (if regular 2-3 weeks maintenance in between each refill is done).

If you notice any nail begin to lift, schedule a repair appointment with your professional nail tech as soon as possible. Do not try to bite the acrylic nail off yourself, glue, or bandage that nail. Why? Biting the acrylic off means you’re pulling layers off your natural nailbeds, making the nail become weaker and sensitive. Bleeding may occur creating a great opportunity for an infection or worse. Glue or bandaging the lifted nail will trap moisture in between the acrylic and natural nail, causing “greenie” to grow rapidly.

Lastly, wear gloves when you do any kind of housework involving water and chemicals because they will dry out your cuticle area, damage your nails, acrylic enhancement and cause lifting issues. Create a good habit of using cuticle oil and hand creams as often as possible to keep the moisture for both your hands and cuticle area.

At the end of the day, nail enhancements are still an exterior beauty cosmetic to add length, beauty and temporary durability to your natural nails. Extensions are still connected to your skin/flesh that should be handled with gentle care. Nail enhancements are not cemented or welded onto your nails, which cannot withstand extreme pressure. Even materials such as concrete will crack over time with pressure. I hope with these few important tips, you will be more cautious to take better care of your nails to keep them lasting longer and stay healthy for you to enjoy.

Sincerely yours,

Jade Tang

Kelsey Morris, Hairstylist @kelseymorris18

Dear Clients,

Every day we are bombarded with beautiful photos on our Instagram feed. These photos give us inspiration and the courage to try something new, however, sometimes, the expectations are unrealistic. It’s important to remember that change is gradual and will cost money. As a caring stylist, I want you to feel comfortable in your new style and throughout the process so let’s talk about pricing.

  • 1. A drastic change could cost over $250. Let’s talk in depth during our consultation so you understand why.

  • 2. Multiple sessions could be required to achieve your desired look. These sessions might need to be weeks apart. Are you ok with this?

  • 3. Once our goal has been achieved, I would like to see you every 8-10 weeks for a color refresh. This appointment helps keep your color vibrant! This isn’t a full color job, but it will still cost between $75-100.

  • 4. Maintaining your new look is important and you will need to buy the appropriate products. Let me help you decide which are best for you. A great product regimen generally runs between $50-$100.

Please remember that my success is based on your happiness and I will do everything in my power to make you smile. I can’t wait to help you achieve your hair dreams!

Xo, Kelsey

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Chavali McIntosh, Natural Hair Specialist @chavalistylzhair

Dear Clients,

Having an appointment scheduled is better than no appointment. I strongly suggest booking appointments a few weeks/months in advance even if they may need to be rescheduled in the future. It’s easier to move appointments around than trying to find space in an already tight schedule. The key to rescheduling is to request the change as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding, I truly appreciate you!

Love, Peace & Natural Hair,


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Amelia Smith, Hairstylist @amelianaturalbeauty

Dear Clients,

I want you to know how important you are to me. I appreciate the trust you put in me. I will try to honor that always. Every dime I put into my education and your salon experience is with you in mind. Without your support, trust and respect my business would never be where it is. I promise to never forget that and to always put you first!! Thank you for being so wonderful, I love you all! Many blessings!!



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Brenda Mireles, Brow Waxing Expert @brevami

I absolutely enjoy having you every time, and although you may not agree with me at times, but tweezing in between appointments throws your brow hair growth off balance, trust my advice and let me help you achieve full eyebrows, by keeping your appointments no longer than 3 weeks apart. Not only will you have clean brows at all times, but that also helps me give you consistent shape.

To anyone that’s never had their eyebrows waxed because they think the will grow back thicker, let me tell you that is just a myth. Waxing them removes them from root, meaning follicle comes out , and that helps weaken the follicles which help you have clean eyebrows at all times, also please understand that even if you have them or want to get them micro bladed you still need to keep them clean looking so you can show off the beautiful work done ;)

For anyone that’s new and reading this, I invite you to Come and experience a professional wax that you will not regret, I am friendly, I am professional, courteous, I am your next brow best friend!!! ;)




Taylour Gonzales, Silk Press & Healthy Hair Specialist @hairbyt.anngee_

Dear Clients,

Thank you for considering me to be your hairstylist. I do ask that you read my gloss genius website and the service details before booking. That will answer majority of your questions. My goal is to achieve healthy hair with every client! I will do whatever it takes to get there. Now, with that behind said, I’ll be completely honest with you, I ask you to be honest with me.

This is teamwork! We gotta be on the same page to achieve your healthy hair goal. My salon is your safe space, in there you can laugh, cry, eat, love, and dance! You can really let you hair down (literally) and relax! We know life can be hard. But my salon is a getaway from all of that. Now that you seen this, I hope you’re ready book an appointment with me!




Landy De La Hoya, Blonde & Balayage Specialist @glory_hair_studio

Dear Clients,

How you care for your hair at home matters! If you get your hair done regularly, then you either fall into one of these categories.

1. Your hairstylist educates you on bomb hair products and you buy exactly what he/she recommends.

2. Your hair stylist has never mentioned products to you, so you just buy what ever you find at the drugstore. I mean, what could be the harm right? It’s around five bucks and it smells great!

3. Your hairstylist has taught you a bit about at home hair care and pointed you in the right direction as far as product goes, but you just can’t justify spending $40-$100...

If you answered yes to 2 and 3, here are some nuggets of info you would appreciate!

• Spending between $40-100 doesn’t mean you will have to purchase these often. If used right, you can easily have a 32 oz bottle of shampoo and conditioner for three to even six months! When you break it down, it definitely doesn’t break the bank!

• The right shampoo and conditioner can preserve your color longer!

• The right products can target dryness, breakage and damage!

• Your hair will be exposed to better ingredients, meaning your hair won’t get oily as faster, which means not washing your hair every day! And resulting in stronger hair!!

• Last but not least, for those of you who are suckers for products with a scent, you can enjoy products that smell as good as or even better than the stuff you get at the drugstore!

The list is quite literally endless! Clients, please know that we as hairstylists want your hair to be taken care of properly. We also want you to be able to style it and love your hair at home!




Felicia Bleakney, Brow & Lash Artist @felicia5991

Dear Clients,

Please,please...I cannot stress this enough please do your homework in choosing a lash tech....you want people to say “ what beautiful lashes you have” NOT “who does your exstensions ?” Soft and natural is always the way to go. ❤️



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Candice Whitman, Hairstylist @candice.elle.elle.salon

Dear Clients, You’ve saved my life. Yes...you read that right. You may not have known it, but when I was in my early twenties, knowing that I had to go into work the next day was the only thing that saved me from becoming an alcoholic. I listened to your struggles and you listened to mine.

Neither of us had to offer advice, just a listening ear. When I went through my divorce and I could barely pull myself out of bed, I remembered that YOU needed me to, you depended on me to show up for you. You needed my best self. I couldn’t do it for me, but I couldn’t let you down. When I opened my own salon, you showed up for me. You cheered me on. You knew I could do it even when I doubted myself. You are one of my greatest gifts.

I’m not sure where I would be today had it not been for you, but I can tell you that I like the person that I’m becoming and that has everything to do with you!



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Adriana Ruiz , Hairstylist @glam_byadri

Dear Clients,

With blonding being one of the top services I do.. it’s important for my clients to know the maintenance and after care after a color service:

Keeping those locks hydrated 💦 and moisturized is top priority..

To keep shine ✨ and resilience it’s important to keep up with deep treatments and salon products that are sulfate free.

My goal is always to educate,create, and deliver my best to my beautiful clientele 💕💕💕💕💕



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Roseanne Garcia, Hairstylist @roseannegarcia_

Dear Clients,

One thing I always like to remind each one of my clients is to come with your hair shampooed before a chemical service. When you have a clean canvas you won’t have to worry about spotting and or uneven tones. There’s a myth that I always heard as a kid and it was to have your hair dirty so the color can stay longer.

Think about this, the color or lightener will have to get threw all the dirt and debris before it can get to the cuticle to process. The color can then have uneven tones. Always go to your stylist with clean hair. They will applaud you.

Also, 3 things to always have for a healthy hair journey. A professional shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. A leave in conditioner for moisture and hydration of the hair. Start with these 3 products consistently and you’ll see results to a healthier hair lifestyle.



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Elyssa Anderson, Hairstylist @elyssa.anderson.hair

Dear Clients,

The second we met, you became a part of my family. I think about you while I’m getting ready for bed, I wake up wondering how your date went, how your kids are doing, and if you’re feeling comfortable in the last step you took for your goal. I pray for you and for all of the people that you love. In that same prayer, I thank God for the blessing of knowing you. You’re more than my clients, you’re my very closest friends. 💕

Love, Elyssa

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Annora Mackinnon, Spray Tan Artist @annoram

Dear Clients,

Thank you for making me laugh, for our deep, intense conversations. For all the smiles throughout my days, for the tears we have cried together, for allowing me to see part of the bigger picture in this crazy world. Thank you for all of the connections that helped make me who I am today.



Screenshot 2019-07-17 17.09.jpeg

Meredith Blake, Hair Stylist @balancedbalayage x Simply Organic Beauty Artist

Dear Clients,

My hope when you’re in my space is that you feel; listened to, taken care of, and revived . Everything I do and have curated is to connect with you and women like you on a level that elevates above your look.

Hairstylists are energy workers. We work through your hair, your outer-self, in order for you to feel more connected to your inner-self. I want to thank you for always trusting me not only with your hair but with your precious energy . I promise to keep serving you with non-judgement , a listening ear, thoughtful advice, a-little sense of humor and a cup of tea.




Anne Janke, Hairstylist @fresh_hair_studio

Dear Clients,

You were a stranger when we met now you are my friends, my family, my job. We've shared our stories of love and love lost. Jobs and jobs lost. Struggles of weight, and challenges of weight loss and success and failure. Our naughty children and blessings of their achievements. New babies, and grandchildren. Health scares and deaths of those who fought hard. Moving away and keeping in touch with social media. Hair loss, menopause hair, pregnancy hair and finding solutions. You've trusted me to make your tresses look and feel great. And I have looked forward to seeing you and working on your hair. I'm blessed, truly blessed to have a job that doesn't feel like a job. To have clients I look forward to seeing. I can't imagine retiring, I will have to go out of this world with my shears in my hands and my color brush dripping with color.



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Tanya Debolt, Hairstylist @Hair_by_tanya_marie

Dear Clients,

Wow, what a crazy year it has been so far. Not so long ago i started my adventure at sola salon and for those who have stuck by my side and supported me, THANK YOU! Even the clients that has followed me when I first started my career...man have we grown. I wanted to let you all know that this dream could not be possible without each and every one of you. The love and support runs deep.

When you come to my salon I want to make sure my work is consistent, and your hair needs are fulfilled. But I feel that it is more than just a service, I feel that when I cut your hair for a wedding, a party, a travel experience i feel like I'm a part of that memory. Why? Because you make the time to make an appointment come in and trust that I make you look good for whatever occasion, great conversation and boom. Your walking down the aisle or traveling across country my haircut locked into a photo. Long story short..we both create stories for each other. And I'll always be gracious.

Thank you,

Tanya from studio 17

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Josh Demarco, Hairstylist @hairdemarco

Dear Clients,

One of the greatest tools we have is the internet. It allows us to learn instantly by finding answers to all of our questions. It is also a great tool for researching hairdressing talent. As a hairdresser and men’s hair stylist, I am constantly hearing from both men and women how the last person who cut their hair “ruined it” or didn’t do what they wanted.

As a professional who loves what I do, it is extremely upsetting to hear that from someone because I know how important hair is (and should be) to people! I want you to know that just like you research everything else online, it is crucial to research a great hairstylist! I am a firm believer that education is what gets us ahead in life. The more we know, the better we are.

Seek out professionals who are continually educating themselves and bettering their craft. While word of mouth is a great tool, it is not always the best tool. You friends hairstylist may be great for your friends hair texture, but maybe yours is different and they are not well versed on your hair type. Not all hair is the same so finding the right hairstylist/ barber is crucial and usually a simple search away.

Do your research, find a hair professional that’s great at doing what you want, and listen to their professional opinions on your hair. And remember, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”. -Vidal Sassoon.

Much love,

Josh DeMarco

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Sam Devereaux, Lash Artist @sam_borboleta

Dear Clients,

We all know lash extensions are a luxury and can be expensive, especially since once you try them you are hooked for life. So as a client why do you pay your lash artist the way you do?

Like I said before, lashes are a luxury service and aren’t cheap. It is very tedious and takes a lot of patience, concentration, and skill to do what we do as lash artists. When it comes down to choosing a lash artist based solely on price, be selective and don’t go for the cheapest. Lashes shouldn’t be cheap. You may be losing out on the QUALITY if you choose to go that route.

As a client here are a few things to keep in mind on what you are actually paying for and getting out of each appointment.

1- Skill

Your lash artist isn’t just applying lashes. Lashing is an art. It takes so much time and countless hours of practice in order to give our clients a healthy and beautiful set of lashes. So my question to you clients is, wouldn’t you want someone to have the KNOWLEDGE on how to not only properly apply lashes, but also how to SHAPE your eyes and CUSTOMIZE your set?

2- Quality products

You aren’t just paying for the time and skill it takes, but for the actual products and QUALITY product ain’t cheap.

3- Continued education

The lash industry is ever growing with new techniques and products being introduced to the market. You want your lash artist to know the latest techniques and products that will extend the life of your lashes and even enhance the way they look. Your lash artist should be on top of their game and wanting to always improve their skills to give you the best service.

I hope this gives you a little insight on what goes into each appointment and why we lash artists charge what we do.


Sam Devereaux

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Kayla Valerio, Hairstylist @hairbykaylavee

Dear Clients,

There is so much more that goes behind my pricing than the final price. When you hear $300 it’s not just me being handed that money to go on a shopping spree. That money is going towards all my product and color I use everyday.

It’s going towards the consistent education I am going to so I can be that much more knowledgeable for my clients. It’s going towards my new studio that I have created for each and everyone of you to feel comfortable in. It’s supporting my family, paying for my health benefits we do not get as a hairstylist. It is so much more than just a final price.

So please understand my prices are my prices for a reason and you are not only supporting my work as a stylist but supporting my life. 🙌🏻🙏🏻💞



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Nikki Jae, Hairstylist @thecovehairstudio

Dear Clients,

Life can get crazy and things most certainly can come up! But please be mindful of your stylist and their business. If your stylist has a cancellation policy set in place, it is not there just to take money from you. It is there because they have a business to run.

There is so much that goes into running a business. Whether you go to a full service salon or to someone who owns a suite. It may not seem like much goes on behind the scenes, but a lot does! So please, if you truly respect your stylist/barber/nail technician/esthetician/etc. and their work, pay their cancellation fee if they have one in place!

With love,

Nikki 💚

P.S if there has been a serious situation like a death in the family, communicate that with said person. They would more than likely be able to work something out with you.

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Fiorella Castro, Hairstylist @fiorellacastrohair

Dear Clients,

Wedding hair is one of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding! Who doesn’t love getting glammed up for a special occasion!? So we get engaged, book a venue(check), find a photographer(check) then book a trial with a hairstylist. (check, CHECK)

The trial day comes and you’re a brunette with a Pinterest board full of blondes and braids. So before we continue here are some tips for you to consider when choosing your style:

1) Length - Does your length support the style you’re choosing ? If not, are you willing to invest in extensions?

2) Haircut/Style - So you want your hair down, and the style you’re showing has a lot of movement but your hair is all one length. Are you willing to get the style to support your desired look?

3) COLOR! - This one is a biggie! Of course the style can still be created but the color is what accentuates detail ! So ensure you do a trial to make sure you like the style with your color so you can change either the style or color for your big day!

We bridal ARTISTS are HONORED to be part of such a special day, and of course we want you to feel prepared, at ease and fully confident on the decisions you’re making before your big day!



Screenshot 2019-08-15 13.39.50.png

Sarah Malinda, Upstyle & Braid specialist @beautymarkedbysarah

Dear Clients,

As much as I love each and everyone of you in my chair I just wish you all understood realistic expectations, (lol) we as stylists try our hardest to give you what you are looking for but I do not have a magical wand (if you find one please let me know lol).

Especially my bridal clients, please keep in mind when bringing in a picture of your dream hair I can only do so much with what’s presented to me. Most wedding styles you see on Instagram or on Pinterest involves extensions or really thick hair but even then a lot of the styles you are seeing has some type of extension added to take the style to the next level.

Please, please, please be open to adding hair extensions to your look or just having an open mind to what your hair will allow me to do, to help me give you your best hair EVER on your wedding day!!!

With love always,

Your Bridal Stylist


Fiorella Castro, Hairstylist & Bridal Artist @fiorellacastrohair

Dear Clients,

Wedding hair is one of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding! Who doesn’t love getting glammed up for a special occasion!? So we get engaged, book a venue(check), find a photographer(check) then book a trial with a hairstylist. (check, CHECK) The trial day comes and you’re a brunette with a Pinterest board full of blondes and braids. So before we continue here are some tips for you to consider when choosing your style:

1) Length - Does your length support the style you’re choosing ? If not, are you willing to invest in extensions?

2) Haircut/Style - So you want your hair down, and the style you’re showing has a lot of movement but your hair is all one length. Are you willing to get the style to support your desired look?

3) COLOR! - This one is a biggie! Of course the style can still be created but the color is what accentuates detail !

So ensure you do a trial to make sure you like the style with your color so you can change either the style or color for your big day! We bridal ARTISTS are HONORED to be part of such a special day, and of course we want you to feel prepared, at ease and fully confident on the decisions you’re making before your big day!


Rona Bunch, Hairstylist @ronabunchinc

Dear Clients,

First and foremost, you have no idea nor could I ever put into words how much each and everyone of you mean to me. The years of your loyalty, dedication and support with not only just me BUT also with MY FAMILY one can only imagine they would have. But guess what? I have had it with you. I was once told that FAMILY doesn't necessarily mean you are BLOOD related and that is such a true statement. I am the luckiest ever as I have the LARGEST extended family with all of you.

As you know I have had some pretty amazing opportunities to mentor young stylists coming up and one of the most important conversations that I have with them is, how much joy they will have with creating UNITY with their clients. Because where you have UNITY, you will eventually create a community. Without a community, UNITY is something that just won't happen. YOU ARE MY COMMUNITY and even better you are my TRIBE!

I THANK YOU so much for entrusting me with your hair but also your heart. You too have my heart and WE have a relationship like no other. We have shared pretty much everything life can throw at you and together we got through it. We have an unconditional love that all started with, "Hey!! My name is Rona and I am so excited to meet you." When our appointment was over it ended with, "Let's go ahead and get your next appointment on the books" then me saying to you, "I'm a HUGGER. So can I give you a hug?" I'm pretty sure that was not what some of you were accustomed to BUT now it's a ritual. An even sweeter ritual when I have watched some of you grow up, go to college, get married and now that ritual is done between your babies and I.

We have a special, personal bond as I have experienced life situations with you and you have graciously experienced them with me as well. Starting with me being a single Mom to Baylor who was in kindergarten when many of you first met me to graduating High School and now his Senior year in college. It's all because of your tremendous generosity that he has been able to go to college.

Last but not least, it was that personal bond that kept me going when I lost my sweet precious Daddy after a five year battle with cancer. I remember looking out when giving his eulogy and I couldn't believe how many of your comforting faces I saw. I knew then, EVERYTHING was going to be ok. I have the BIGGEST extended family here today. We all have a year we are born and a year we depart BUT it's that dash in between that matters the most as that is YOUR LEGACY!! Well all I will say is this....YOUR LEGACY is one that is to go unnoticed and I know that we many more years ahead of us. I THANK YOU......MY DEAR CLIENTS and just wanted to express unbelievably BLESSED I am for you!! See you at your next appointment ❤️



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Saratta Bowerman, Hairstylist @hairbysaretta

Dear Clients,

Please know that having “white” hair comes at a cost - literally 💸 and figuratively🔥. We do our best to maintain the health of your hair but sometimes breakage is unavoidable in this risky color service. 🙅‍♀️

Having white hair is also expensive and here are the rules to maintain it.

🍞 Just as a toaster makes bread brown, heat on your “white” hair makes it more yellow.

☀️As the sun tans your skin, it also makes your toner fad and your hair appear more yellow.

💦 Salt water and pool water are off limits for you to keep your icy locks. If you absolutely MUST put your under, run regular water through your hair first, put a masque on, and braid it. Rinse immediately after swimming.

💎 Regular toners, using purple shampoo, and doing masks are also very important to see pa cool toned and hydrated blonde.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s all worth it because blondes really do have more fun.

Xo, Saretta


Matthew Miller, Esthetician @matthewmillerskin

Dear Clients,

Please stop the DIY skincare. Almost everyone is on a budget, and I get this….trust me I do. However, DIY skincare is not only not effective, but can end up doing more damage.

So much research and testing goes (or at least should) into a formulation for skincare products. It is not as easy as mixing ingredients together and BAM, a magic potion. When we start using food that is not meant for the purpose of skincare, it becomes a slippery slope.

For example, you often will read praises of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as a good natural alternative for toners or brighteners. These two ingredients are highly acidic. They can disrupt our skins barrier (causing irritation/redness), or worse…burn you!

We can also go the other route and highlight an ingredient like baking soda. Baking soda is extremely alkaline for our skin. It also can disrupt our skins barrier and strip our skin, leaving us vulnerable to bacteria. Yikes!

Professional products contain delivery systems that make ingredients more effective. This science cannot he found in mixing items in a kitchen.

Another point to make is that food packaged for us to eat, is not packaged for us to use on our skin. When we start mixing ingredients in batches ourselves, there are no preservatives to keep the mixture fresh. This means no shelf life, which means your potentially rubbing mold and bacteria on your face. Ew!

Even if your homemade concoctions are not doing harm, they most likely aren’t doing much. Stick to ingredients that are tested and guaranteed to work. Everyone has different skin types, conditions, and concerns. Seeking a pro (Esthetician, Esthetics Nurse, or Dermatologist) for a proper skin analysis is always my recommendation. If this isn’t a possibility for you follow some of these tips:

  • Avoid products where the “active” or “main” ingredients are at the bottom of the ingredient list.

  • Avoid Fragrance. Fragrance is often irritating but can also be a combination of many chemicals they can group under the one word of “fragrance”. This is especially important if the fragrance is listed before any of the active ingredients.

  • Balance is key! Oily skin needs moisture, just like dry skin needs exfoliation. The key is not to over do anything. Less is often more.

  • DO NOT over exfoliate. I see this too often with oily or acneic skin types. The constant stripping of the skin with scrubs or acids. 2-3x a week is great!

Still confused or overwhelmed? Start with the basics:

  • A gentle cleanser free of harsh sulfates or SLS morning and night.

  • Moisturize morning and night.

  • Exfoliate (preferably with an acid or enzyme) 2-3x a week.


Screenshot 2019-10-10 12.11.02.png

Haley Garber, Hairstylist @beautybyhaleygarber

Dear Clients,

I want you to know how much I value you. You invite me in to some of your most special days and allow me to help you feel your best. That’s not something I take lightly. ✨

I hope you know you can always talk to me, no matter what the question may be. Communication is so important. It helps us create the best experience for you. I do my very best to reply to you as soon as I’m able to, yes I have business hours like most but you are my priority.

I want you to feel valued from beginning to end of your time with me. When you also get back with me in a timely matter as well, I appreciate it greatly. You can tell me anything, you can email me anytime, you can message me anytime.

If you want to change your look, let's talk! If you are loving what you’ve chosen, I love to hear that. I am here for you. Then when your day comes, everything runs smoothly and we have trust built between us. This helps make your day magical, and I can’t wait for it.

Xoxo, Haley